The continuing saga of Team Coco / Bitter old me…

Before I begin this rant I have to make it very clear that I’ve always been a Conan O’Brien supporter. I loved In the Year 2000, Arnold interviewsthe Masturbating Bear, Pierre Bernard’s Recliner of Rage and If they Mated, to name a few. I truly enjoyed watching Late Night and honestly never really watched The Tonight Show, so I wasn’t really excited when it was announced that Conan would be taking Leno’s spot at 11:35. I just personally watch television a little later and never really caught The Tonight Show, regardless of whether or not I enjoyed Jay Leno (which I didn’t and still don’t). I know it’s a dream of many if not all comedians to host The Tonight Show, but I didn’t see Conan’s comedy working in an earlier time slot with an older crowd. I know everything at this point is in retrospect, so I won’t say I told you so – because I only said it to a select few people when it was announced several years ago.

Fact is, I’m not here to talk about Conan O’Brien and The Tonight Show/Jay Leno. I want to discuss Conan’s current situation and how he has built a money making empire. After being upset for Conan and mad at Jay Leno, immediately following the announcement that he’d be leaving NBC, I think I came to my senses. O’Brien walked away with $45 million and embarked on “The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour.”


The tour, which Conan is current on, sees him stop in some major US cities like San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Uncasville and Upper Darby. The tour also stops in 3 major Canadian cities – obviously Toronto, Vancouver and Enoch (a resort/casino on a native reserve in Alberta). Tickets for the tour range from about $58-$105 Canadian.

Now, I understand that Conan went on tour with his comedy/musical extravaganza because he was feeling the inch and needed something to do when this ended on a sour note with NBC, but I personally don’t deem it necessary to drive to New York or Toronto, spend a bunch of money and see a bitter multi-millionaire take everyone down with him. Yeah, I’m a little bitter. Things ended with NBC on a sour note, but take it easy. I know I’m going a little all over the place here with my argument, but hear me out. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the fact that Conan isn’t coming to Montreal on his tour (if he did, I might have went), but if this tour is his way to give back to the fans that have supported him and Team Coco over the past years he should be stopping in ever city with an audience and a reasonable population. Including stops in Canada and stops in cities like Upper Darby. Take a look for yourself… he skips over a bunch of states and what I would consider a bunch of major cities

I realize that it’s not easy booking a tour and traveling the country with a bunch of different people and things, but frankly, he had nothing else to do. He was legally prohibited from being on television, right? So be a sport and give back to ALL your fans. I hereby state that I WILL NOT WATCH CONAN O’BRIEN when his TBS show starts in November. That’s not being bitter, I just don’t have access to TBS, so I won’t be able to watch Conan being funny on television once again. So now I can’t pay to see him do his thing unless I want to travel and I won’t be able to see him for free because I don’t have TBS. Incredible!

That’s the last thing, he’s going to be on TBS starting in November. He’ll have a show at 11pm, bumping George Lopez from that spot to midnight (don’t worry, there’s no controversy there – George called up Conan and asked him to join the lineup). I’m sure it’ll be a great show and I do wish him the best of luck as he continue to build a cult following as well as a Coco empire. I’m sure he”ll need it. I mean he’ll end up with a ridiculous amount of money, but his last late night show didn’t work out so well for him. Stay tuned!

I honestly just wish he was still on NBC at 12:35am. Those were the days!!


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