So I’m back from a summer away with mediocre internet access. I tried to post a few times, but my thin patience gave out on me. I’m not going to stay long; I’ll post something with a little more substance in the very near future, or I’ll just rant about something like the fact that I wish I were still in school. But for now, here’s this. I was discussing with someone recently how a good actor can really fool you into believing their accents. For example, Hugh Laurie who plays Dr. Gregory House on the television program House, is actually a British actor. His American accent is impeccable. To counter that statement, I recently watched The Men Who Stare at Goats, where Ewan McGregor plays an American journalist. I’m saying that he’s a bad actor, but his Scottish accent does shine through at times. It doesn’t really sound like he’s from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Here’s Hugh Laurie’s audition for House. Watch how he just flips the switch and changes his accent.


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