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Stealing lessons from Jim Jaramusch and Jean-Luc Godard

I’m not going to go crazy and that Jim Jaramusch is one of my favorite filmmakers, because I don’t even think that he’d fall into my top 10 or top 50 for that matter. However, after studying film for several years and seeing a handful of Jaramusch’s works, I must say that I respect him greatly. I saw Stranger Than Paradise about five years ago and realized that you don’t have to be Spielberg or Lucas to make a powerful film. The latest movie of Jaramusch’s that I’ve seen – Broken Flowers, starring Bill Murray – is still painfully boring to watch, but remains absolutely breathtaking.

This quote by Jim Jaramusch about the free-flowing range of creative ideas makes anyone wish to have a university professor as artsy as he is.

The Godard conclusion (a filmmaker who does make it into my top 10), made this quote immediately post-worthy. Godard’s À bout de souffle (Breathless), opened me up to things I never thought I’d enjoy before. At the time (about 6 or so years ago), the idea of watching movie in French or any foreign language would have been completely unfathomable, but Godard’s work allowed me to appreciate many foreign language films, that are currently in my personal collection.  I could go on about Godard and his brilliance and how I had a minor panic attack when I saw his use of jump-cuts in À bout de souffle, but I won’t, just because. [The YouTube clip I gave isnt even close to the best jump-cuts in the film.]

Photo by: Serge Hambourg