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Tiger, Earl and the commercial heard around the world

On the day the follows Phil Mickelson‘s wonderful and emotion win at Augusta, my thoughts are still with Tiger Woods. Tiger had a tremendous comeback to the PGA, finishing five strokes back of Phil. I was also surprised with how well KJ Choi performed, being paired up with Tiger for the entire tournament and having an abnormal amount of media coverage. Regardless of the Masters, I wanted to discuss Tiger Woods and his most recent Nike commercial that tries to steer him away from the infidelity controversy that his followed him over the past six months. The ad features a rather still shot of Tiger sporting a couple Nike swooshes, while the voice of his late father Earl narrates his words of wisdom directed towards his son. Before I continue, here’s the commercial…

Earl Woods says, “Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive to promote discussion. I want to find out what your thinking was. I wanna find out what your feelings are…and did you learn anything?”

I don’t necessarily have any major issues with the commercial, but fact of the matter is, I can’t be the only one who’s a little creeped out by it. Tiger’s late father basically puts a spin on the situation and asks his son if he was able to learn anything from his (14?) mistakes. I believe that people should be forgiven for their mistakes and I honestly feel that people can change when faced with self-inflicted adversity. Tiger, however, didn’t cheat on his wife once or even a handful of times, he slept around more than a dozen times. He clearly needed to be caught in order to learn his lesson and understand that nobody is invincible. He would have continued living his secret life if his life and reputation weren’t in the balance. I just don’t believe that Nike or Tiger should have dragged his father into the picture. Regardless and Earl Woods’ reputation when it comes to infidelity, nobody knows whether or not Earl would have participated in the Nike ad if he were alive. Although what Tiger’s father says in the commercial metaphorically addresses the situation, it can’t directly address the controversy because Earl died before this all came to light. All I’m trying to say is that, Tiger and Nike used Earl Woods to benefit them without thinking about how it could have an effect on Earl’s legacy. I’m sure he would have been supportive of his son, but I don’t know if he would have publicly been the voice of reason begging for the public’s forgiveness.

I think it’s a nice commercial, but a very questionable move on the behaves of Tiger and Nike. It’ll be an ad for the ages, that will be spoken about for years to come, but if Tiger messes around again I think he takes his dad’s reputation and legacy down with him. Maybe dragging his father into it will allow him to realize that his action affect a whole range of people and not only himself…. Example OneExample TwoExample Three… to name a few.