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Forever a Lost Boy

Today we mourn the passing of Canadian teen idol Corey Haim, who died less than twelve hours ago in Burbank, at the age of 38. I’m not quite sure why I felt compelled to post something about Haim’s passing. I respected him as an actor and enjoyed his work, although when I saw most of his films it was many years after they were made and many years after I would consider him “active.”

I could go on for ages discussing celebrities who have gone before their time, but everyone knows how unfortunate it is to lose talented people in the prime of of their career. People such as Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, James Dean and even Michael Jackson (who I wouldn’t consider a elderly man and frankly, was probably way past his prime when he past away). Their deaths are magnified because of their celebrity status, but without going into stats and figures, many more regular people die every day from accidents, illness, drug overdoses and suicide. I don’t necessarily know that if Michael Jackson or Anna Nicole Smith were alive and producing the news after their deaths (in a hypothetical world, of course), that they would have decided that they were the most important, newsworthy story for the span of several weeks. I can accept the Haiti disaster taking over the airwaves for months, but Anna Nicole Smith’s death? I watch the news to get NEW information, not the same recycled garbage over and over again.

Okay I’m sorry about that rant, I’ll discuss my disgust with CNN at another eventual point.

Haim will be remember as a true talent talent who was taken from the world way too early in life. For such a young man he had an incredible amount of success and a young actor and unfortunate downfalls with several stints in rehab and extreme hardship for many years. The exact cause of death is still unknown and I am in no position to speculate whatsoever.

I’m not trying to write an obituary for Corey Haim, simply mentioning the passing of a Canadian talent who deserves mentioning.