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Journalism school graduate

I sincerely had an enjoyable time for the majority of my 4 years studying journalism at Concordia University. Most of my professors were extremely informative while others gave the right feedback and knew when to speak up. Some spoke way too much, while one in particular implanted a natural impulse that every time I hear mention of grad school I get a kind of nauseous/sick/pukey feeling in my stomach (it only lasts a few seconds). Some professors had the practical experience, but didn’t really know how to teach a class (I had a soft spot for that guy). Regardless, I think I’ve learned a lot over university career even if I could name a few unnecessary (required) classes that I took.

This post isn’t to put don’t Concordia Journalism, because I think it’s a good program and I feel kind of privileged for having gone there. I want to show this short clip produced by Charlie Brooker from his television programme (why not? It’s from the UK.) Newswipe with Charlie Brooker. It’s a satirical news review program about the inner workings of news media and a general commentary on the news. It’s actually brilliant and for anyone a little sick of that way current events are handled in popular media, Charlie Brooker is for you. This short segment from the show can concisely explain how to produce a television news segment. I might not have gone to journalism school if I saw this 4 years ago (kidding… kinda).